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What do you stand for? (Weeks 2 & 3)

Thank you, Marshall for sharing your play area with my campaign signs!

With the help of many generous donations, this week I was able to order signs, palm cards and a few other things I will need to start door knocking/sign holding.

Also, while I’ve watched (several) school committee meetings through the Fall River Public Schools website, I attended one in-person for the first time. During the meeting a great deal was discussed, including Superintendent Dr. Malone's Entry Plan.  I left feeling hopeful, knowing that my goals for our educational systems were in alignment with our Superintendent's vision and with (some of) the work that the School Committee is exploring.

Over the past several weeks I’ve spent a large amount of time researching my platforms. I know how I feel about these issues, but I wanted data that reaffirmed my suspicions for these areas of growth in our schools. While the main role of any school committee member is to pass a budget that allows our students to receive a high quality education (and to oversee the superintendent);  there are four things that I will give special attention to if elected: Pre-K, College Readiness, Diversity, and Parental Inclusion.

Community Fair at Father Diaferio Village

This week I also had the pleasure of meeting some great folks from Fall River's Head Start Program, BOLD, and the Women's Center at a Community Fair. The event was held at Father Diaferio Village, which for those who many not know is where I grew up . During the fair they raffled off a bike, had basketball tournaments, hula hoop contests, and a lot of great information for families. In speaking with members of all of these organizations, it was once again reaffirmed that a high quality education is at the core of our community's growth and success.

This weekend I look forward to door knocking outside of my neighborhood, putting more yard signs up (about 50 so far!),  and sign holding.

I look forward to meeting you all before the election, and hopefully working with you all on the school committee after the election!




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