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Candidate Statement : Crystal Stone, School Committee

Thank you to the folks who generously shared their experiences with me and allowed me to include them in my statement. Also, thank you to FRCMedia News for recording this statement.

Please watch this short video, and cast a vote for Crystal Stone for School Committee, on November 7.

campaign · education · School Committee

Universal Pre-K

There are a multitude of benefits to children who participate in full day Pre-K programs; including stronger proficiency in reading, higher attendance rates and stronger parent involvement during their K-12 careers, reduced incarceration rates as teenagers and increased college attendance rate. With every year that passes thousands of children lose out on this opportunity. Preschool must be a priority!

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What do you stand for? (Weeks 2 & 3)

Thank you, Marshall for sharing your play area with my campaign signs!

With the help of many generous donations, this week I was able to order signs, palm cards and a few other things I will need to start door knocking/sign holding.

Also, while I’ve watched (several) school committee meetings through the Fall River Public Schools website, I attended one in-person for the first time. During the meeting a great deal was discussed, including Superintendent Dr. Malone's Entry Plan.  I left feeling hopeful, knowing that my goals for our educational systems were in alignment with our Superintendent's vision and with (some of) the work that the School Committee is exploring.

Over the past several weeks I’ve spent a large amount of time researching my platforms. I know how I feel about these issues, but I wanted data that reaffirmed my suspicions for these areas of growth in our schools. While the main role of any school committee member is to pass a budget that allows our students to receive a high quality education (and to oversee the superintendent);  there are four things that I will give special attention to if elected: Pre-K, College Readiness, Diversity, and Parental Inclusion.

Community Fair at Father Diaferio Village

This week I also had the pleasure of meeting some great folks from Fall River's Head Start Program, BOLD, and the Women's Center at a Community Fair. The event was held at Father Diaferio Village, which for those who many not know is where I grew up . During the fair they raffled off a bike, had basketball tournaments, hula hoop contests, and a lot of great information for families. In speaking with members of all of these organizations, it was once again reaffirmed that a high quality education is at the core of our community's growth and success.

This weekend I look forward to door knocking outside of my neighborhood, putting more yard signs up (about 50 so far!),  and sign holding.

I look forward to meeting you all before the election, and hopefully working with you all on the school committee after the election!




Week One

It’s been a week since I went to Government Center and pulled papers to run for School Committee.

I have to say that I am completely overwhelmed by the love and support I have received. Friends, old and new, have reached out to extend congratulations, neighbors who I barely see have came by to say hello and offer to lend a hand. More than ever, I feel so grateful for the many opportunities that I have been afforded by living in Fall River.

I’ve spent the past week researching everything I can about Fall River’s school system. I’ve spent many hours on, and discovered great resources such as the “district backpack”. I’ve also talked to people who are new to running for public office, and folks that are veterans about how to run a campaign.

The one piece of advice that I keep hearing is to remember that “the cause is bigger than your campaign”. Forget the “noise” of politics: Go out, meet people and keep the children at the forefront.

Marshall plays with lion at community cookout
Marshall and his new lion friend.

I did just that this weekend, when Marshall and I went to a Community Cookout, sponsored by Gates of Hope and the Flint Neighborhood Association. This highly successful event was free to the community. In addition to a free meal, there were men, women, and children’s clothing, children’s toys and household items free  for the taking.

Marshall found a lion that he fell in love with and spent a great deal of the afternoon playing with it, while I spoke to members of the Flint Neighborhood Community about their concerns for public education.

Over the next couple of weeks, I look forward to meeting with folks from other neighborhoods, hearing their concerns, and using that information to craft a plan to make education even better in Fall River.