Pre-K for Every Child: A high quality education starts at the age of four, in preschool. Studies show that children who participate in full day Pre-K programs are better readers, more confident, have higher attendance rates during the course of their K-12 careers, reduced incarceration rates as teens and adults, and are more likely to go to college. If elected I will work to find creative ways to make sure that every child has this opportunity.

College Readiness: Our public schools have an important responsibility to both the young people it serves and our community, to make sure that students success continues after high school. Many students leave their K-12 careers, unable to pass basic Math or English college assessments. This often slows or stops their progress in college, which has long-term negative effects on our city. If elected I will lead conversations with our local colleges to bridge these gaps.

Diversity: More than 40% of the Fall River Public Schools population identifies as a minority or multi-racial. Unfortunately, this statistic is not reflected in our leadership. If elected, I look forward to acting as an ambassador of diversity in our public schools.

Parental Inclusion: If our children are to thrive in school, parents need to be better engaged in the educational process. We have to do a better job of fostering teacher-parent relationships so the educational process is shared. When we view education as “teacher vs. parent”, no-one wins. Worse yet, our children suffer. If elected, I will look at both local and national models to help integrate parents into the educational process in a way that is supportive of teachers, parents, and students.