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Getting to the Preliminary Election

It’s hard to believe that two months has passed since I announced my intent to run for School Committee in Fall River.

In two months’ time, I’ve met some incredible people: teachers, parents, students, business leaders, elected officials, folks in the media, concerned citizens and more. Thank you all for offering your  wisdom and kind words over the past two months.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to my campaign in many ways. Without your help with childcare, proofreading, brainstorming, sign holdings/locations, door knocking, meet and greets, fundraisers and donating financially, I wouldn’t have gotten through the past two months.  I’m genuinely humbled by the amount of support I’ve received from my family and friends, old and new.

I also want to thank everyone who’s taken time to get to know me. To those who came to my coffee hours, thanks. To newfound friends who were willing to chat enthusiastically with me about the state of education at the grocery store, or on a Battleship (two incredible, actual occurrences), thank you. To the people who saw the magnets on my car and flagged me down to discuss my letters in the Herald News, seriously, thank you. And to Ian Abreu, City Councilor in New Bedford, MA and the Coalition of Social Justice, your endorsements of my candidacy means the world. Thank you.

I’ve learned so much about the Fall River Public Schools over the past two months. I’ve learned a lot about the voters and families that we serve too. Fall River is a good city, with a great deal of passionate, caring citizens who understand the importance of education, and well-rounded children.

Today is the preliminary election. Of the 13 candidates running for School Committee, 12 will go on to the general election. I sincerely hope that I have earned your vote, and the votes of your friends and family members.

If you’re reading this in the morning, take a moment and think about how and when you will vote today.  The polls are open from 7a.m. – 8p.m. For me, I know that it will be easiest to head to the polls right at 7:00 a.m. and vote. I live close to Cardinal Medeiros Towers, which is where I vote, and I can head there before my day begins. Use the link below, if you are unsure of where to vote.

If you need transportation, I’m here. Send me a message. I’m more than happy to transport citizens to the polls. If you have questions for me, please reach out. I am available to chat any time today and I want you to go to the polls with your questions fully answered.

Again, thank you all for your support.  Together, starting with your vote today, we can and will, break barriers and create change in the Fall River Public School System.

Crystal Stone, Candidate for School Committee



It’s Official!

After many long conversations with my husband, family and close friends, today I pulled papers to run for School Committee in Fall River. The next couple of months will be busy, as I get to know more about you, and hope to earn your vote for Fall River School Committee!